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Anti-Shine Serum by Bren New York
Formulated with Oil-Absorbing Silica Shells

Anti-Shine Serum

Bren New York's Anti Shine Serum is the perfect solution to an oily problem! Just say NO TO SHINE! This fast-acting serum, specially formulated with micro silica shells, will make shine vanish. Gently rub the serum over any shiny area and that oily spot will instantly disappear. Highly recommended for Men and Women. Easy to use on the go. Great for all skin types expecially oil skin. Mix with you foundation or tinted moisturizer for a super-oil control. Perfectly designed to afford a natural-looking, long-lasting matte finish while absorbing surface shine. Can be used alone or with a foundation primer. Size: 1 oz


Made in the USA

Silica shells, derived from sand, are created by dissolving the sand into a liquid, then spraying it to form hollow droplets—the silica shells—when it solidifies. The droplets feel like very fine talcum powder.



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