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Firming Body Lotion

Bren New York's firming body lotion is a non greasy, body moisturizer that visibly firms and tones. Specialized skin-novative formula balances just the right mix of copper, caffeine and Ginseng for maximum results. Apply generously all over the body. Use twice daily for the best results. Used in the treatment of cellulite.

3.5 oz / 99 g

MSR $33.00 Made in USA


Cellulite Cream
Cellulite Cream

Can You Diminish Cellulite?

Yes. While few men get cellulite, most women do. Women have an extra layer of fatty tissue beneath the skin and accumulate fat nearer the surface of the skin than men. In addition, female hormones foster waste retention and water retention.

Sluggish circulation is a primary cause of cellulite, since it interferes with cellular metabolism. Wastes accumulate in and around cells. This condition can be improved by exercise, improvement of diet, body brushing, and massage with a stimulating cream.

Massaging with our Firming Body Lotion should be done daily, for faster results morning and evening on clean skin. Combined with a good nutritional program and exercise, it will help you achieve visible results in reducing fatty deposits and "orange peel" skin.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite develops when the connective tissue that lies between the skin and muscle weakens. The honeycomb-shaped fibers become thin and weak. Fat cells swell and begin to push through those weakened fibers, leading to visible pitting and lumping on the skin’s surface.

Bren New York's Firming Body Lotion helps diminish the appearance of cellulite and helps restore skin to its youthful and firm tone and texture. The formula’s natural nutrients shrink cellulite-causing fat cells and encourage circulation to the essential skin fibers.


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