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Glycolic Acid 10% by Bren New York
Retexturizing Serum

Glycolic Acid Serum 10%

An effective anti-aging serum containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Aloe to clarify and nourish the skin. Glycolic Acid works by thoroughly exfoliating the outer layer of dry, rough and environmentally damaged skin, leaving it smooth and more radiant. Glycolic Acid reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots with prolonged use. Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory identical to your skins pH level. Glycerin works by locking in skins natural moisture, preventing dehydration and a dry / wrinkled appearance. 1 fl oz. with pump


Made in the USA

Glycolic acid works as an exfoliating agent because of its high acidity but easy solubility. When placed on the skin as part of an exfoliating cream or gel, glycolic acid goes under the damaged upper layers of skin and destroys the 'glue' which holds dead skin to the surface. As this dead skin is chemically burned off, the other ingredients carry the individual flakes away and a water rinse neutralizes the remaining acid. The result is a much-smoother skin surface and a more youthful appearance. A secondary benefit is glycolic acid's ability to draw moisturizers into the newly-exfoliated skin surface. This is why cosmetic counters often sell a complete system of skin care; the rest of the alpha-hydroxy line contains moisturizers and neutralizers to counteract the corrosive actions of glycolic acid.

Cosmetic exfoliants and moisturizers containing glycolic acid may leave the user's skin especially sensitive to the sun, so many skin care experts recommend using a sunscreen after exfoliating with glycolic acid. If a 10% concentration of glycolic acid can cause concern over skin damage, another use may be even more controversial. Some customers seeking a more complete exfoliation may opt for a chemical peel. In general, a chemical peel involves a careful scrubbing of the skin followed by an application of a powerful AHA such as glycolic acid. Concentration levels of glycolic acid in chemical peels can be as high as 50% or more. Even industrial suppliers of glycolic acid limit their concentration to 70%, so this is indeed a very powerful chemical process.

Cream with Alpha Hydroxy Acid
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