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Redness Calming Serum

Redness Calming Serum

Bren New York redness calming serum calms the skin while reducing the appearance of redness.

  • Licorice Root Extract soothes and has anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect to use after stress to the skin, such as waxing. Use daily for lasting results.
  • Bisabolol which is extracted from Chamomile Oil, calms the skin.
  • An excellent choice for calming and acne / oily skin solutions.

Made in the USA
1 oz / 30 ml


If your skin suffers from redness, rosacea or irritation, you can cover it up with foundation, but if you want to dramatically reduce redness and discoloration, then apply Bren New York's Redness Calming Face Serum.

Skin's hypersensitivity can be caused by many different factors, including pollution, sun exposure, stress or even hormone imbalance. This reaction can be recognized by a feeling of tightness in the skin, a red color at the surface, and dryness that can cause skin to peel. The Redness Calming Serum works to combat these symptoms and reduce redness by soothing and calming the skin. When applied to the skin’s surface, the serum's distinct formula goes to work on your skin with its pure ingredients.

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Licorice is a natural skin care Ingredient that fights redness & rosacea. Many skincare products use natural herbs and plants, like licorice root extract, to relax irritated skin.

One of the most distinguished ingredients of anti acne solutions- the Licorice root helps in treating many acne indicators including swelling scars and redness. Products like Redness-Calming Solution make use of the ingredient to provide you with acne free and fresh skin.
The root is one of the naturally sweet products. Botanists have named it Glycyrrhiza glabra. The word has close connotations with Glukus, the Greek word for sweet. As modern studies have proved, there’s more to Licorice than as it tastes to the tongue.
The plant extract has been in use for several years now for various medicinal purposes. It is only of late that the plant is being used commercially. Licorice root extract has been in use in the traditional Chinese medicine for long period of time. In fact, this plant extract is also being used in traditional medicine of Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and other Asian nations.
Benefits of the Licorice Root Extract :
The plant serves numerous purposes. But of late, licorice root extract is being used for its skin care abilities. Let us take a look at some of the benefits that licorice root extract has to offer.
Licorice root extract is understood to have a calming effect on the skin.
The root can also calm the digestive system. A number of people have seen improvement in skin redness that was induced due to rush of adrenaline.
Licorice root extract contains nutrient elements that help in subduing soreness. It helps a large amount in soothing swelling in skin problems like acne and rosacea.
The several skin benefits afforded by the extract make it a preferred ingredient choice for the product. It gets use out of a number of other similarly effective and robust anti acne and skin calming ingredients which guarantee a total treatment for your acne woes and also rejuvenation for maltreated skin.
With the all powerful Licorice root extract and other skin rescue ingredients, Bren's Redness-Calming Solution truly does embody the only solution for skin acne and other similar skin issues.