Anti-Aging Idebenone Serum Skin Care Bren New YorkZoom

Anti-Aging Idebenone Serum Skin Care Bren New York

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Idebenone is a super anti-oxidant known to be more effective than Co-Enzyme Q10 in neutralizing certain free radicals while improving fine lines and wrinkles. It Hydrates, smooths, firms and tighten skin around the eyes and face. Bren New York's Idebenone Suspension is designed to penetrate deeply to improve the look and texture of sun-damaged skin and visibly reduce skin redness, age spots and minor scars.

Features & Benefits Super anti-oxidant More effective than Co-Enzyme Q-10 Neutralizes free radicals Improves fine lines & wrinkles Improves the look of sun-damaged skin Hydrates, smooths, firms & tighten skin Great around the eyes & face
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