When it comes to blush, do you choose a cream or a powder? We all love pretty, flushed, rosy cheeks. We love powder blush because it gives a beautiful healthy glow and works extremely well for girls with oily skin, as it helps to subdue a shiny complexion. A cream blush is easier to blend into the skin, and it gives a slight, dewy glow. We love wearing a cream blush in the summer, as it seems to stay longer through the heat. A cream powder will also look fresh on your face, as opposed to cakey. Plus, it helps your skin to stay moisturized! Summer is the ideal season for a sun-kissed complexion, the colder months are perfect for experimenting with a contoured pink cheek. Who doesn't love the rosy hue that appears after a brisk winter walk? Peppy, flushed cheeks look even better when layered with sculpted cheekbones.

I want my nose to look longer. What should I do? Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and bring the color strongly back towards the ear. You will get an optical illusion effect that will emphasize your nose.

When applying blush where do you start and stop? How high and low on your cheek do you go? Tressie This depends on the shape of your face. If you have a round face, you will want to apply blush in an upward motion starting in a straight line down from your eye and right about at your nose and back to your hairline. This will help a round face look thinner and add angles to your face. If you have an angular or oval shape to your face, you will want to apply blush to the apple of your cheek in a circular motion to achieve a look of fullness.

What is contouring? Contouring is a make-up technique using blush, concealer or bronzing powder to sculpt the shape of your face in different ways. For example, if you have a very round, plump face, then you want to use contouring to add definition to your cheeks. You would place blush along the cheek in such a way as to make the cheek look to have a defined cheek bone.

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