Concealers and Correctors

Concealers and Correctors
Concealers - will purely and simply disguise any blemishes or shadows. They are normally similar in color to foundation tones and most are quite translucent so will allow the color of whatever you are trying to disguise to show through unless you spend a long time working on it. They basically work like this, a color that is opposite on the color wheel neutralizes its opposing counterpart.

Color correctors work to counteract specific flaws in facial complexions. Our cream formula hides imperfections, evens out skin tones and covers blemishes. Contains Vitamin E

Alabaster covers dark circles on warm skin tones. It will neutralize purple bruising

Mint will neutralize - any red blemishes, port wine stains, rosacea or broken capillaries try using a green corrector.

Lavender will neutralize yellow - if you have sallow skin or yellow bruising try applying a lavender corrector.

Pink highlights all skin tones.

Total Correctors are complexion flaw fixers, for hard-to-cover blemishes. Special Coverage covers dark circles and bruises on lighter skin; Orange covers blue tones such as veins, dark circles and bruises on dark skin. it also warms up olive or yellow skin tone.
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