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Small Concealer Brush

Our brush is small and firm, the tapered  head allows for precise application. Use with your correctors or concealers.
  Our Small Concealer Brush will blend your products in those hard to reach areas, resulting in an even and perfect finish.
Our small concealer brush is made from man-made products, it is a synthetic brush which is perfect for applying our cream concealer.  
The benefit of using synthetic brushes is that the bristles will gravitate towards each other, leaving you with a streak-free and precise application.  
Synthetic Brushes are best used with a cream-based or liquid-based products.  The reasoning behind this theory is cream and liquid based products tend to be greasier than powder-based cosmetics.
 Therefore, allowing for an easier clean up.  Also the bristles in a synthetic brush are flat, allowing you to achieve the correct placement in those tight areas under the eye.

Bren New York Skin Care

small concealer brush



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