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Cream Concealer Paraben Free

Cover it up...with our NEW, creamier, softer formula!
The perfect rescue for all eye emergencies.
Cover dark circles, hide fine lines, and even out skin tones under the eye without a heaviness or greasy feeling.

Features & Benefits

Paraben Free

Suitable for all skin types

Covers skin imperfections

Wide color selection

Vitamin E

Easy to use

Covers dark circles under the eyes

Made in USA

Most celebrity makeup artists agree that concealer should be reserved for those flaws (pimples, scars, under-eye circles, redness around the nostrils, broken blood vessels, dark inner corners of eyes, etc...) which cannot be covered with a few thin layers of foundation. It should be applied in the same way as foundation, with a thin layer first, totally blended, and then more thin layers as needed. It is always better to apply several thin layers, carefully blending the layers rather than one huge glob. Depending upon the color, you may apply it before or after foundation.

Neutral Fair Neutral Lite Neutral Medium
neutral fair concealer neutral lite concealer neutral medium concealer
Neutral Dark   Neutral Amber
neutral dark concealer girl neutral amber concealer


Cream Concealer $13.00

I believe that EVERYONE is beautiful. You, my friend, are beautiful. It could be the way your smile can brighten up a room, or the way your thoughtfulness can change someone's day. Maybe you have beautiful almond eyes, or your lips are full and luscious. You Are Beautiful.  I believe in empowering every day women to feel their best, by helping them look their best. So, let's enhance your features and show the world what you have to offer.

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