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Color correctors work to counteract specific flaws in facial complexions.
Our cream formula hides imperfections, evens out skin tones and covers blemishes.
Contains Vitamin E

 Features & Benefits

Great shade selection

Great coverage

Creamy formula



Made in USA


Alabaster Lavender Lite
alabaster corrector lavender corrector lite corrector
Medium Beige Mint Pink
medium beige corrector mint corrector pink corrector

Apply after moisturizer and before foundation.
Alabaster covers dark circles on warm skin tones;
Lavender gives a yellowish complexion a healthy glow and covers shallowness;
Mint neutralizes redness;
Pink highlights all skin tones.
Every face is not the perfect oval and falls into various categories of square, triangle, heart, round or long.
Create the perfect oval by contouring face using our variety of Correctors for shading and highlighting.
 Light color Correctors are used to enhance strong facial features and darker color Correctors cast a shadow on less attractive spots.

I'm noticing all these concealers and foundations labeled as "correctors." Can you explain the concept to me?

Color correctors, also known as neutralizers, are used to "correct" hard-to-cover skin discolorations. They're based on the idea that when you want to neutralize a color, you place its opposing color over it. That's why, for example, color correctors for red-toned skin are green tinted.

The skin is made up of four types of pigments, of which every individual has a unique combination. They are: oxygenated hemoglobin, or what makes blood red; reduced hemoglobin, which is the pigment that appears blue in veins seen through the skin; melanin, the major pigment, which darkens when exposed to sunlight; and carotene, responsible for the yellow tones in skin.
The undertone colors of skin are either predominantly blues (cool) or red (warm) in appearance; if skin has a higher proportion of carotene (yellow pigment), it will appear warm as well.

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